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GPX Maps


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Parses GPX attachments (Routes, Geocaches, ...) as interactive Google Map including Polylines.

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Product description

The extension "GPX Maps" offers you the possibility to share route planning and geocaching spots with your community. If you are planning a bike tour or a geocaching event, for example, you can easily make this available to all participants via an interactive map in your community.

The installation is done as usual via the administration interface (ACP), no settings are necessary for this extension. To use the plugin, the user only has to be allowed to upload.gpx files via the internal file attachment function. For the board to be displayed, the GPX file must be included in the post / content.

  • GPX Maps 5.2.1

    - Fixed bogus display of the pegman symbol
    - Using the zoom level defined in the WSC settings where it might be useful
  • GPX Maps 5.2.0

  • GPX-Maps 1.3.0 pl 1

  • GPX Maps 1.3.0

    - Code optimizations
    - Added new option "Enable Strict Validation" (enabled by default)
    - Added support for descriptions and links/images for trackpoints and waypoints
  • GPX Maps 1.2.1

    - Fixed template issue that prevented Maps from loading properly
    - Added symbols for single waypoints (wpt)
  • GPX Maps 1.2.0 pl 1

    Removed promise polyfill
  • GPX Maps 1.2.0

    - The GPX file validation is now less strict. Thus, it's now more compatible with GPX files of various providers.
    - Added option to enable autoloading
    - Updated Quadtree library to 1.0.6
    - Integrated Google Maps Geolocation API. When enabled*, street names, etc. between trackpoints will be displayed
    - Added display of time until arrival between start and end
    - Improved IE 11 compatibility
    - Added missing language variables
    - Applied multiple bugfixes and improvements

    * = The Geolocation API needs to be enabled at
  • GPX-Maps 1.1.0 pl 1


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