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Twitch Box


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Product information

A box to display the Status of multiple Twitch streams.

starting at EUR 9.99

Product description

This extension for WoltLab Suite 3 provides a box to display the online state of defined Twitch streams.


You are about to buy more than a simple box, which displays the current status of your favorite streamers. This extension has a lot more features:

  • Usage of caches
  • Choose between two pre-defined layouts
  • Choose the status icon
  • Define the maximum number of channels/streams to be displayed
  • Display/Hide offline streams/channels
  • Set the display order
  • Reload caches after changing specific options
  • Notice, if there's currently no active stream (if the option "Display offline channels" is disabled)
  • Separate page that lists all channels/streams
    • Inheritance of box permissions
  • Integrated stream page incl. chat
  • etc.
  • Twitch-Box 5.2.3 pl 3

  • Twitch Box 5.2.3 pl 2

  • Twitch Box 5.2.3

    Applied multiple bugfixes and code improvements
  • Twitch Box 5.2.2

    Implemented OAuth for Helix Twitch API Endpoints

    Please note, that the new version requires the corresponding "Client secret".
  • Twitch Box - Branding Free 5.2.0

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    • Freddy
    • This review refers to: Twitch-Box 5.2.3
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    Ich bin voll überzeugt und finde es gut.


    THX an @Sascha