WSC 3.0, 3.1 & 5.2 [Developer] SteamID Utils

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[Developer] SteamID Utils


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Product information

Developer package that provides functionalities to work with Steam IDs.

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WSC 5.2 (Hurricane) / WSF 5.2

Product description

Developer package that provides functionalities to work with Steam IDs.

  • [Developer] SteamID Utils 5.2.4

    Added new method getPlayerBans
  • Applied small code optimizations
  • - Added new method getPlayerSummaries
    - Deprecated method getDisplayName
    - Applied small code optimizations
  • [Developer] SteamID Utils 5.2.3

    New methods:

    - toBattleye: Converts the given String to a Battleye GUID (Arma, H1Z1, ARK, PUBG, ...) - Requires 64-bit PHP or the GMP extension for PHP
    - toFiveM: Converts the given String to a FiveM player identifier
    - fromFiveM: Converts the given FiveM player identifier to a SteamID64
    - getUniverse: Returns the universe for the given Steam ID (see
    - getAccountType: Returns the account type for the given Steam ID (see
  • [Developer] SteamID Utils 5.2.2

    Added methods to generate and to solve FiveM IDs.
  • [Developer] SteamID Utils 5.2.1

    - Ab sofort werden Profil-URLs mit https generiert (bisher wurden die URLs mit http generiert)
    - Auflösung von Benutzernamen (parallel zu Vanity-URLs) hinzugefügt. Dadurch ist es unerheblich, ob oder nur XYZ angegeben wird
  • [Developer] SteamID Utils 5.2.0 pl 1

    Updated dependency dev.hanashi.wsc.steam-api
  • [Developer] SteamID Utils 5.2.0

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