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Product information integration for WoltLab Suite 3.

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WSC 3.1 (Tornado) / WSF 5.1

Product description

Spam is the scourge of the internet and any successful community has historically became a target of those rogue users. This plugin extends the existing set of powerful tools with another proven and reliable layer of defense: Stop Forum Spam. The detection works by matching the username, IP address and email address of new users against a local database with known sources of spam. For each of these three data points, you can set whether it should be used for detection and also set the weight you want them to play when determining whether the checked user is a suspected spammer.

As you are using the information of your newly registered users to detect spammers, data privacy is relevant. The detection process does not send any information to third parties, WoltLab and Stop Forum Spam included, and uses checksums to detect matches. To achieve this data-sensitive comparison, Stop Forum Spam’s data is processed and optimized on our servers which saves you storage space and processing power.

After installing this plugin, a local database is built on your webserver in the background based on the data on our servers. New data is added and old data is removed periodically.

Once a user has been flagged as a potential spam account, you can let their registration be immediately rejected or require manual approval by an administrator. Users that have been flagged have a dedicated icon next to their username in the user list in the admin panel.

The extension "StopForumSpam: Core" is a backport from the standard featuresof the upcoming WoltLab Suite 5.2.

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    • Andrexx
    • This review refers to: StopForumSpam 1.0.0 pl 2

    Ist eine Super Sache!

    Es wäre noch gut wen man Einstellen könnte wer Überprüfen kann.